Offering services that make dry cleaning simple, convenient and affordable


Same-day service is offered to all of our customers at no additional charge. Last minute needs, quick turnaround or simply a convenience, our same-day service is beloved by customers and we do it for YOU. In by 9am and out by 5pm – Monday through Friday.


Our VIP Express Service makes your dry cleaning experience even better by offering you a free clothing bag that you can drop off at any of our 24/7 drop-box locations and pickup during normal business hours. No waiting in line, no additional fees. Simplicity and convenience is the goal.


Our 24/7 Drop-off allows customers to avoid waiting and allows you to drop off when it is convenient for you. Drop it off whenever you can and pick it up during normal operating hours.


And, of course, we offer 9 Convenient Locations making dry cleaning easily accessible for Berks County and beyond!