Preservation and Storage

Free off-season wardrobe storage

We offer the perfect location to safely store your off-season wardrobe with confidence. All you have to pay for is the cleaning and we take care of the storage at no cost to you! This is a perfect way to clear up some space in your ever-overflowing closets while ensure that all of your items are clean, safe and well cared for during the off-season months

Wedding Gown & Heirloom Preservation

Most people don’t know it, but we offer wedding gown cleaning and storage solutions! Below are a list of tips regarding your wedding dress care and cleaning. Contact us any time to learn about our wedding gown and heirloom cleaning and storage options.
When shopping for your dress, ask the salesperson how the dress should be cleaned and if the trim should be cleaned the same way.
If you are wearing an heirloom gown, allow plenty of time for professional cleaning as well as any alterations that may be necessary.
Most brides want to preserve their dress as a keepsake, perhaps for their own daughter to wear on her wedding day. Cleaning industry experts recommend that you have the dress cleaned before storage, and that is where we come in!
The Care Label Rule clearly states that wearing apparel, such as wedding gowns, must have a care label that provides a viable care method. The care label covers all parts of the gown, including decorative trim. Gowns that fail to withstand the care procedure on the label should be returned to the retailer.
Look for the care label before purchasing your gown to make sure you understand the recommended cleaning instructions. At National Cleaners & Yorgey’s Fine Cleaning, we are here to professionally dry or wet clean it for a fair and reasonable price.